Text2Bid's Suite of Mobile Auction Solutions

Maestro Text2Bid

Take the next leap in silent auctions by allowing your guests to use their phones to place bids. There are no apps or software to install - works with ANY cell phone!


Reach out to your supporters all year round with MobileMaestro. Now your supporters can make one-time and recurring donations with their mobile phones!

Enterprise Text2Bid

Harness the intensity of your fans to make every event a fundraiser with Enterprise Text2Bid. Designed for in venue fund raising and sales with advanced reporting and controls for venue management, concert promoters, and athletic teams, Enterprise Text2Bid works whether your event is 1000 people or 100 thousand!

Starter Text2Bid

Now smaller events can use Text2Bid too! Sign up now for our starter package. See how easy it is to increase your fund raising without a huge time or money commitment.